Here you will find links to critical essays I have written.

Essays on Poetry

T.S. Eliot and William Carlos Williams: So Much Depends Upon the Image ( Poets’ Quarterly)

Revisiting Emerson: Why His Ideas and the Everyday Image Matter Now (Schuylkill Valley Journal)

Lessons on the Environment: Revisiting Robert Bly (Schuylkill Valley Journal)

He Too Sings America: Jazz, Laughter, and Sound as Protest in Langston Hughes’ Harlem Part 1

He Too Sings America: Jazz, Laughter, and Sound as Protest in Langston Hughes’s Harlem Part 2

He Too Sings America: Jazz, Laughter, and Sound as Protest in Langston Hughes’s Harlem Part 3

Going Into the Cave: Where the Personal and Political Intersect in Contemporary American Poetry (Poets’ Quarterly)

Is a Ph.D. Worth It After an M.F.A.? (The Write Life)

Essays/Interviews on Horror Films

“Lucky McKee’s May and the Retelling of Frankenstein for the Indie Rom-Com Era” (Bright Lights Film Journal)

The Progressive Politics of Early Horror Cinema: Gender, Female Empowerment, and Sexuality (Schuylkill Valley Journal)

The Zombie Comes to the ‘Burbs: The Abject and Monstrous-Feminine in Netflix’s “Santa Clarita Diet” (Schuykill Valley Journal)

We’re Not in Miami Anymore: An Interview with Dexter: New Blood Composter Pat Irwin (Horror Buzz)

Director Perry Blackshear on When I Consume You (Horror Buzz)

Recontextualizing Frankenstein: An Interview with A Nightmare Wakes Writer/Director Nora Unkel (Signal Horizon)

An Interview with Scare Package Creator Aaron B. Koontz (Signal Horizon Magazine)

The Resonance of the Second Golden Age of Horror (Signal Horizon)

No Clowning Around: The Monster of Entrapment in After Midnight (Signal Horizon)

Mulholland Drive Explained: A Hollywood Love Story Gone Terribly, Terribly Wrong (Signal Horizon)

We Need to Talk about Kevin Explained: A Haunting Portrayl of American Violence (Signal Horizon)

Revenge Director Coralie Fargeat Talks Influences and Challenging Genre Tropes (Signal Horizon)

Funeral Nightmares, Demonic Dwarves, and the Tall Man: Phantasm at 40 (Signal Horizon)

The Amityville Horror and the Terrors of Home Ownership (Signal Horizon)

An Interview with Irish Director Aislinn Clarke (HorrOrigins)

From Mega Tours to Directing: Spider One Talks Debut Film Allegoria (Signal Horizon)

Travel Experiences from Hell: An Interview with Superhost Writer/Director Brandon Christensen (Signal Horizon)

The Pierce Brothers, Writers/Directors of The Wretched, Talk Indie Filmmaking, Drive-in Success, and Witch Folklore (HorrOrigins)

Talking Witches, Grief, and Magical Realism: An Interview with Baghead Director Alberto Corredor (HorrOrigins)

Talking Black Horror Cinema: An Interview with Horror Noire Director Xavier Burgin (HorrOrigins)

A Tale of Two Post-911 Remakes: Texas Chainsaw Massacre (2003) and The Hills Have Eyes (2006) (Horror Homeroom)

No Clowning Around: The Comedic and Gothic Elements of Friday the 13th Part VI: Jason Lives (Horror Homeroom)

Night of the Living Dead in the Time of Confinement and the Coronavirus (Horror Homeroom)

Revenge and the Power of the Gaze (Horror Homeroom)

Hereditary: Grief and Motherhood (Horror Homeroom)

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