Here you will find links to critical essays I have written.

Essays on Poetry

T.S. Eliot and William Carlos Williams: So Much Depends Upon the Image ( Poets’ Quarterly)

Revisiting Emerson: Why His Ideas and the Everyday Image Matter Now (Schuylkill Valley Journal)

Lessons on the Environment: Revisiting Robert Bly (Schuylkill Valley Journal)

He Too Sings America: Jazz, Laughter, and Sound as Protest in Langston Hughes’ Harlem Part 1

He Too Sings America: Jazz, Laughter, and Sound as Protest in Langston Hughes’s Harlem Part 2

He Too Sings America: Jazz, Laughter, and Sound as Protest in Langston Hughes’s Harlem Part 3

Going Into the Cave: Where the Personal and Political Intersect in Contemporary American Poetry (Poets’ Quarterly)

Is a Ph.D. Worth It After an M.F.A.? (The Write Life)

Essays/Interviews on Horror Films

The Progressive Politics of Early Horror Cinema: Gender, Female Empowerment, and Sexuality (Schuylkill Valley Journal)

The Zombie Comes to the ‘Burbs: The Abject and and Monstrous-Feminine in Netflix’s “Santa Clarita Diet” (Schuykill Valley Journal)

Recontextualizing Frankenstein: An Interview with A Nightmare Wakes Writer/Director Nora Unkel

The Resonance of the Second Golden Age of Horror (Signal Horizon)

No Clowning Around: The Monster of Entrapment in After Midnight (Signal Horizon)

Muholland Drive Explained: A Hollywood Love Story Gone Terribly, Terribly Wrong (Signal Horizon)

We Need to Talk about Kevin Explained: A Haunting Portrayl of American Violence (Signal Horizon)

Revenge Director Coralie Fargeat Talks Influences and Challenging Genre Tropes

Funeral Nightmares, Demonic Dwarves, and the Tall Man: Phantasm at 40 (Signal Horizon)

The Amityville Horror and the Terrors of Home Ownership (Signal Horizon)

An Interview with Irish Director Aislinn Clarke (HorrOrigins)

Travel Experiences from Hell: An Interview with Superhost Writer/Director Brandon Christensen

The Pierce Brothers, Writers/Directors of The Wretched, Talk Indie Filmmaking, Drive-in Success, and Witch Folklore

Talking Witches, Grief, and Magical Realism: An Interview with Baghead Director Alberto Corredor (HorrOrigins)

Talking Black Horror Cinema: An Interview with Horror Noire Director Xavier Burgin (HorrOrigins)

A Tale of Two Post-911 Remakes: Texas Chainsaw Massacre (2003) and The Hills Have Eyes (2006) (Horror Homeroom)

No Clowning Around: The Comedic and Gothic Elements of Friday the 13th Part VI: Jason Lives (Horror Homeroom)

Night of the Living Dead in the Time of Confinement and the Coronavirus (Horror Homeroom)

Revenge and the Power of the Gaze (Horror Homeroom)

Hereditary: Grief and Motherhood (Horror Homeroom)

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