Reviews & Interviews

Here you will find links to reviews of my work and interviews I’ve done.                           Boston Literary Magazine                                                          HuffPost Interview

PANK Review of Front Man                                                         WVIA Radio ArtScene

Harpur Plate Review of All That Remains                                Poets’ Quarterly

Poets’ Quarterly Review of All That Remains                          The Scranton Times

TheThe Poetry Review of All That Remains                             Questions for the Driven Blog

[PANK] Review of All That Remains                                         Scranton Times Interview

Off the Coast Review of All That Remains                               Drunken Monkeys Lit Mag Review

At the Inkwell Review of All That Remains                              Scrivingale

The Weekender Review of All That Remains                           The Write Life

Open Alphabet Interview                                                             WVIA Radio

WVIA Radio 2                                                                               The Weekender

Troubadours and Raconteurs Podcast                                KMSU Weekly Reader Radio Interview

Triangle Review of Waiting for the Dead to Speak        Best American Poetry Review

Pedestal Review


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