Fledgling Rag Release Party

This Wednesday, July 30, I’m reading in Lancaster, PA as part of the launch party for the new issue of Fledgling Rag, a wonderful journal published by Iris G. Press. The event will be held at DogStar Books, located at 401 W. Lemon Street, from 7-8:30 p.m. Copies of the journal will be available.  The other featured readers include Pat Hanahoe -Dosch, Jeff Rath, Joseph Ross, Heather H. Thomas, and Carol Clark Williams. Check out all of our bios via this Facebook event page.

Hope to see you there!




New Review/New Poems

TheThePoetry has posted a new review of my collection All That Remains written by Scott Thomas. In the review, Thomas writes, “Fanelli’s work is approachable. He does not brandish his technical prowess with intimidating sestinas. There is no pandering to theory, nor does he flaunt his erudition by quoting obscure thinkers or having his characters speak in Latin. (Though there are some well-placed references to Bob Dylan and horror movies.) What we do find are rusting towns and their hard-working denizens, whose horizons are limited through no fault of their own. We also catch moments of tenderness and regret and glimpses of youth with chances seized or lost.”

He concludes the review with the line, “Fanelli writes about fates that he himself has escaped, but he is unwilling to turn his back, to say: ‘I’m out of here. You’re on your own.’”

If you haven’t checked out TheThePoetry, I suggest bookmarking it and visiting frequently. They run several reviews a month, as well as interviews, essays, and spotlights on different poetry communities across the nation.

In addition, I have three new poems in the new issue of Fledging Rag, which is only available in print through Iris G. Press. The issue is impressive and features a wide range of forms and voices, including three poems by my friend and fellow Wilkes M.F.A. alum Chris Bullard.