Some Props for Poetry Quarterly

Late last week, the fall 2015 issue of Poetry Quarterly arrived in my mailbox. The journal is about five years old, and I have been published in some of the earlier issues. However, the fall issue is the strongest issue I’ve read to date. It is much slimmer, only about 80 pages, and it has a guest editor, Jodie Hollander. This issue’s featured poet, Christina Pugh, is a recipient of the John Simon Guggenheim Memorial Fellowship, and her work has appeared widely, including in The Atlantic Monthly, Poetry, Ploughshares, and elsewhere.

The new issues contains a variety of forms and schools of poetic, from surrealism, to narrative, to the neoformalism of two featured Dave Mason poems. I feel fortunate that my poem, “September,” is published in this issue, and I will continue to support this journal. It’s been a pleasure watching it grow over the last five years. If you’re interested in purchasing any issue, including the new issue, you can do so here.

A Little Plug

I’m entering the summer on a positive note, with a few poems forthcoming in solid literary magazines. First, I want to mention that my poem “R.F. Post” appears in the most recent issue of the UK-based art/literature magazine Popshot. This magazine is available at most Barnes ‘n Noble stores and online. What’s especially interesting about this journal is the way the editors combine art, fiction, and poetry. Each issue has a special theme, and the editors invite artists to illustrate some of the written work. Here is a picture of my poem and the accompanying illustration from the most recent issue, with the special theme of “imagination.”



The journal’s website has a PDF of some of the content from the new issue. You can check that out by clicking here. However, I encourage you to purchase a copy through the journal’s website or at your local Barnes ‘n Noble because it is a really cool magazine, one which blends different art forms.

Later this summer, my poem “Temp Worker” will be published in The Oklahoma Review, and I have poems forthcoming soon in Poetry Quarterly and Spillway. I’m also currently working on an essay for Poets’ Quarterly about T.S. Eliot and William Carlos Williams, specifically the influence of Ezra Pound and Imagism on their work. The essay comes out of a longer paper I did for one of my Ph.D. classes this semester. In other news, I’ll be doing a few weekend readings over the summer,  specifically in June and July. I will post more details about the readings here when the dates are finalized.

Happy May!