Up to Ithaca

Last weekend, I took a trip to Ithaca, New York and want to recomend a few places we visited. Our first stop was the famous vegetarian restaurant The Moosewood. Though the menu was not terribly long, I was impressed by the fact it changes it every few weeks or so and includes various sandwiches, salads, soups, and tofu dishes. Also, the price ranges are affordable. Most of the meals are not over $10.  There’s also a variety of seasonal beers available, some of them locally brewed. If you stop there, I recomend purchasing one of the organic candy bars near the cash register. The chocolate is so rich, and you won’t feel as guilty after eating it!

After we stopped at The Moosewood, we visited Autumn Leaves book store, located at 115 The Commons, in the downtown, only a few blocks from The Moosewood. The store’s website brags about having over 60,000 used books, and I believe it! Every section has dozens and dozens of used books filling the Ikea shelves. Of course I went to the poetry section first. I found the section to mostly contain collections from canonised poets and more helpful for customers seeking a collection by Frost or Whitman rather than more contemporary work like Terrance Hayes or Kim Addonizzio.

The store also contains two other floors-The Owl Cafe on the third floor and Angry Mom Records in the basement. The record shop has something for any vinyl lover. Just like the book store, the stock is fairly expansive. There are dozens and dozens of jazz, blues, and hip-hip albums and hundreds of rock ‘n roll albums. Even the punk rock and indie section is pretty huge. I came away with a copy of Patti Smith’s LP Horses and a Best of Blondie LP and only spent about $10 for both.

I plan to schedule a poetry reading for Ithaca  in the coming months, and I certainly will stop at these stores again!

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