Ending Another Poetry Workshop

Tonight, the second poetry workshop I taught at the Vintage Theater is coming to a close, concluding with a free, public reading of student work from 7-9 pm. A limited open mic will follow.

I’m eager to hear my students get up on that stage and share the work they’ve drafted and revised over the last month. I especially liked this group because of the mix of styles, talent, and various writing levels. I had two adults in the group that have been writing and reading for a while, and I had three college students eager to hone their craft. We had one young man who barely had any experience writing poetry and has written more prose in the past. But I’ve seen him make such progress over the last few weeks, and it’s been exciting to watch him develop his skills drafting a clear narrative, concrete imagery, and similes and metaphors. I hope he continues to sharpen his skills, especially as he takes an advanced poetry writing class with me at Keystone starting in a week and a half.

I was also impressed with this group because of the comments and debates they offered for nearly every single poem I brought in to teach them various elements of poetry. Some of the discussions got a little heated at times, but if  a piece of writing or art can draw such a reaction from a group of people, that’s only a good thing.

I hope there will be more workshops at the Vintage Theater. I’m certainly willing to teach them. And if you want to hear some of the students share their work, then come to the reading tonight. It starts at 7 pm. The Vintage Theater is located a 119 Penn Avenue in downtown Scranton. The reading is free and open to the public. I’ll also be reading a few poems with my students.

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