pondering 2012

Recently, former New York Times columnist Frank Rich wrote  a compelling article about the Obama Administration, specifically the faults of the administration in dealing with the economy and of selecting a poor financial team, specifically Tim Geithner.

Read the article here.

Rich does make great points, and he’s right to argue that if reelected, Obama  needs to get rid of his financial team and have a laser-like focus on creating jobs and doing something more to stimulate the economy, since unemployment is still around 9 percent.

But I also understand the dire consequences of NOT voting for Obama. If the GOP maintains the House and wins back the White House and Senate, this country is in serious trouble. This GOP has pivoted so far to the right that after the 2010 mid-term elections they have succeeded at stripping collective bargaining rights in some states, creating deep cuts to education (especially in PA), rolling back abortion rights in several states, and pushing forward new voter laws that would disenfranchise minority voters. Just imagine what would happen if the party controls all branches of the federal government after the 2012 elections. This is the party that is seriously willing to crash the economy because they refuse to tax the super-rich as part of debt ceiling negotiations. This is all a real possibility, and unfortunately, the Obama Administration’s failure to address the economy early on has made GOP super majorties a real possibility. I just hope he gets some sense before 2012 is closer and realizes what his party is supposed to stand for.

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