Some General Updates

I’ve been having a decent streak of luck over the last few weeks in terms of publishing credits. I recently had a poem published over at Solstice Literary Magazine. I recommend checking out the publication. It has a great editor and an impressive advisory board, which includes Stephen Dunn. You can check out my poem, “Before He Enlisted,” here. The poem will also appear in my full-length collection, All That Remains, next year. I seem to keep writing about soldiers every now and then and the consequences of Iraq and Afghanistan (which is now the longest war in U.S. history). “Before He Enlisted” belongs with that set of poems. One of them is also included in my chapbook Front Man, “Political Soundtrack,” which addresses the wars from a protestor’s point of view.

I also had a poem published over at vox poetica, an e-journal run by the wonderful Annmarie Lockhart, who will also be publishing my full-length. You can check out the poem “The Plot” here. This poem will also be included in the new book.

I was also interviewed by fiction writer Gale Martin regarding my poetry and writing process. The interview is available here. Thanks again to Gale for that interview, and if you like her work, then you can see her read in Scranton when she takes part in the next New Visions Writers Showcase! More details will be available about that event closer to the July 21 date.

This month was also productive and lucky in the sense that I’ve been invited to be the featured poet in the late summer issue of the journal Third Wednesday! The main editor has asked for 8 of my poems and an intro to my work/poems.

I hope the good news will continue throughout the rest of the summer months!

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