2 thoughts on “Oklahoma Review: Temp Worker

  1. David J. Bauman says:

    Congratulations! You did what I had only thought of. So often passing these guys on my way to work this year, and others in the town where my sons live. We even stopped to get a picture with one of them the first time they started using them a few years ago. Later when I thought about it I felt bad about the commission, but at the time (January) I thought he needed some encouragement. I’ll have to find the post for you. It was something about Lady Liberty and the Music Hall of Fame. Anyway, you captured the experience perfectly, and took me deeper in. Thanks!

    My blog focuses a lot on poetry read out loud, so I do a lot of recordings, particularly in April for National Poetry month. If this proposal doesn’t interest you, I understand, but might I have your permission to feature it on the Dad Poet and do a recorded reading of it?

  2. Brian Fanelli says:

    David, I’ve been reading your blog for a little while and enjoy it quite a bit. I would be honored if you featured an audio recording of this poem on it. Please let me know when it posts!

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