Two Poems

I’m thrilled to announce that The Los Angeles Times published one of my poems in its Sunday edition today! The editors decided to do an opinion page of poetry and received over 1,500 submissions, many of which included multiple poems. I feel honored to have been picked. The poem can be read here.

In addition, the Texas-based journal Red River Review published my poem, “Gov. Perry’s Response,” in its latest issue. You can check that out here.

2 thoughts on “Two Poems

  1. Frank D. Walsh says:

    This is great news, Brian! Congratulations! Real poetry doing the real job poets are apponted to do by the gods and nature and civil society! Of course being a non-academic “street” poet I have some deconstructive criticismz, which are best aired between poets (sounds academic, huh?!).
    I’m calling Sue Henry and Corbett tomorrow to give ’em the scoop, if you don’t mind. Publishing in the LA Times and on top o’ that, the Red River Review– in me view up there with the top-ten independent small press publishers of poetry in the Country– not only makes American poetry shine and ’tis you too doan forget, but also NEPA!

    mudita (happiness for another’s’ success, cf. buddhist “brahmaviharas”)

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