50 Films about Writers

The website Flavorwire just composed a fairly impressive list on films about writers. This list is worth sharing because while there are some well-known films on here, including Bright Star, Shakespeare in Love, Poetic Justice, and Fear and Loathing in Las Vegas, there are a lot of indie films that slipped under the radar. Read the full list here.  I will admit that I’ve only seen about half of these films, and I’ve added several to my list of films to watch soon. Out of the films they chose, Bright Star is my favorite, especially the scenes in which Fanny Brawne (Abbie Cornish) reads John Keats’ (Ben Wishaw) actual letters. I’ve always said that the letters Keats penned for Fanny are as noteworthy as some of his poems.The film also references some of Keats’ important poetic theories, including Negative Capability.  I’ll add that Wonder Boys is a close second favorite on the list. Anyone who has taught creative writing before can probably relate to Prof. Graddy Tripp’s (Michael Doulas) plight in the film, which includes departmental politics, writer’s block, and mentoring his creative writing students, including James Leer (Tobey Maguire) an outcast with a lot of raw writing talent.

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