AWP Reading

With AWP only a few days away, my social media feeds have been blowing up with invites and notices about panels and readings that my friends are doing, so I figured that I would share info about the on-site reading that I’m doing.

In celebration of the 10-year anniversary of Wilkes University’s M.A./M.F.A. program in creative writing, there will be a reading featuring two faculty members, Bob Mooney and Neil Shepard, my thesis mentor,  and two students, Marlon James, author of A History of Seven Killings, and I. The reading will be held on Thursday at 1:30 p.m. in L100 D & E of the Minneapolis Convention Center, where the conference is being held.

For a full description of the reading, including our bios, click here. 

If you’re going to AWP, safe travels!

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