In Praise of October

Happy October! So begins the 31 days of my favorite month. I like to make an argument that October is one of the best months of the year, at least if you live in the tri-state area in the U.S. The temperature has yet to sink low enough to crank on the heat. There is a crispness, sure, especially in the mornings, but you can still have sunny 70-degree days. Summer flowers still have a little life left in them, at least for the first half of the month. Wilted summer flowers are then replaced by mums, which are just as gorgeous and can withstand the first few frosts, sometimes surviving until Thanksgiving. Then, of course, there is the brilliant foliage, which is at its peak this month. Lastly, it is the one time of year when people don’t mind indulging my love of horror movies, and increasingly, I see posts on social media for horror movie recommendations.

Soon, I am going to make a list: my top horror movie recommendations on Netflix and Amazon Prime (which has far more options). I’ll try to include some indies mixed with canon.

For now, here is a poem in celebration of autumn, “An Autumn Prayer.” Thanks to The West Texas Literary Review for publishing this.

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