The direction of this blog

If anyone reads this blog regularly, they may have noticed that over the last six or seven months, I’ve mostly written about horror on the small and big screens. Heading into 2018, that will continue. This blog has shifted its focus from poetry-related content to horror. Am I ditching poetry? Heck no! However, I have two main outlets for writing about poetry critically: Schuylkill Valley Journal, where I am focusing on essay writing, and 4 Square Review, where I’ll be a staff reviewer starting this January, when the site launches. I am grateful to write for both of those outlets and to give poetry its due there. I love writing about poetry in the essay form, and of course, I will continue writing and publishing my own poetry. Look for a new essay I have on Robert Bly and environmentalism coming out in SVJ this January.

Heading into the new year, this blog will mostly focus on horror-related content, from film, to TV, to books. I’m sure I’ll write a political post now and then, too, especially heading into the mid-term elections in the U.S. When it seems appropriate, I’ll post events happening in the Scranton area, too, especially the Writers Showcase readings.

Anyways, thanks for reading!

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