Poetry, Independent Horror, and August announcements!

Two announcements:

I’ve been trying to give some attention to independent horror films that I think are worth the watch. In that spirit, I’m happy to share this post over at Horror Homeroom on Mohawk and Downrange. Neither film is perfect, but both films feel especially relevant in 2018, Mohawk for the ways that it deals with the Other and Downrange for the way it addresses gun violence. Mohawk is currently streaming on Netflix, and Downrange is streaming on Shudder. Check them out! If anyone has seen the films, please share your thoughts.

Second, this Wednesday, August 8, Daryl Sznyter and I are teaching a writing workshop  and giving a reading at the Barron Arts Center in Woodbridge, NJ. The workshop is at 7, and the reading starts at 8. It will be followed by an open mic. The event is free. I’ll be reading a few horror film-themed poems that are part of a new manuscript in progress.

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