Cronenberg’s Return to Body Horror

It’s been eight long years since David Cronenberg’s last feature, Maps of the Stars. It’s been even longer since he created a body horror feature that he became known for in the 1970s, with films like Shivers and The Brood. In the meantime, Cronenberg has been busy acting on series like “Slasher” and “Star Trek,” but his return to the subgenre he pioneered decades ago was highly anticipated.

Crimes of the Future doesn’t shock as much as his early work. Instead, his latest offering is a thought-provoking take on humanity’s evolution, technology, Transhumanism, and sex. Yes, Cronenberg has addressed some of these themes prior, even in his most well-known work, like The Fly, but in the age of social media and disconnect, Cronenberg’s latest is not only visually striking, but rich with ideas.

I did my best to unpack the director’s latest for Signal Horizon. You can read the article here. Is Cronenberg’s latest perfect? No, it’s not. There are one too many side plots and one specific storyline involving assassins that’s too muddled. That said, his latest has me still thinking about it, days after I saw it. Cronenberg already has another movie in the works, so it’s unlikely we’ll have to wait another eight years for a feature.

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