Writing Process/Writing Life

Yesterday, the weather was mild and warm, and for the first time in at least days, the sun was actually out for extended periods. I made the most of the pleasant weather and took my reading materials and a notebook to a local park to sit outside and write. Without any way to use my laptop, I actually got a lot of writing done and I felt more focused than I had in a while, probably just from being outside.

This whole experience caused me to seriously consider how I structure my time to write. Most of the time, I write in the morning, at my kitchen table, for at least 30 minutes. And then I try to pour in another 30 minutes or longer after work, again, at my kitchen table. But a lot of times, in the comfort of my own apartment, I feel like I’m rushing the work because I’m thinking about emails I have to respond to on my laptop only a few feet away.

But yesterday, I didn’t have any of those distractions. It made me realize that when I leave the house in hopes of writing, I should leave the laptop home or not connect to the web. I find that too often when I go to Borders, Starbucks, or a local cafe, I spend far more time mindlessly surfing the web as opposed to getting much work done.

I’m even considering going to the park more and more, like I did last summer, to get serious writing done. No internet connection there. I’m curious as to what the writing process/space is like for other people. I suppose it varies from person to person.

4 thoughts on “Writing Process/Writing Life

  1. kindalikeapoet says:

    I definitely agree. While you need to have a workspace in residence, it’s much more productive to “disconnect.” I have cable-internet and I try to disconnect it while writing, except when researching. Too many times it turns into a blog post, which is still writing, but distracts from my project. Often, I have anxiety when leaving the house for a walk to the park for fear that I’ll get struck with inspiration and have no way to document it. For me, there’s nothing like the pen on the page.

  2. patriciakinney says:

    A lot of my work was drafted in my truck, sitting in the Keystone parking lot waiting for class to start. I get much more accomplished in that truck, or the garage than I ever do at home!

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