Press Round-Up

I wanted to share some links to some various press that my collection All That Remains has received over the last few weeks. Boston Literary Magazine just ran an interview with me about the book. You can read that here. Electric City also ran an interview with me, which you can read here. Finally, you can hear a radio interview I did with WVIA here.

I’ll continue posting more info about readings and reviews over the next few weeks.

5 thoughts on “Press Round-Up

  1. Frank D. Walsh says:

    Been following, super! (assume you’ve earlier mentioned the interview and review of book and the poet in the Times Leader last sunday– that in large part has repaired my estimation of this news outlet– since the installation of their new editor n chief under a month ago). My major hope ( if I can use that wd.) is that now, bolstered round, you will be swept by all this significant “public profile” away to a higher degree of academic/ working prestige out of the “dark satanic mills” of the Philistine strangle hold of the corrupt and oppressive Lackawana College “front”.
    Also– another concern of mine– there can be no reprisal covert or overt (in lieu of getting the “Adjunct” poem published in the LA Times) by these gangster philistines, nor their shills, stooges, thugs and cronies regarding any significant praising and call for recognition of you and your work and what it really means to the society and metaphysical justice of the people in NEPA public’ly and radically where and whenever I- for one– may deem feasible. Piece!

    • Brian Fanelli says:

      Hi, Frank. Yes, I did mention The Times Leader in another post. It seems like they’ve been covering art events much more lately, which is great. Perhaps, as you noted, it’s because of the new editor. Regarding Lackawanna, I’ve had a great time working there so far, and I like my job and the students. I especially like what I’m teaching. As for the poem that was published in the LA Times a few months ago, a lot of people read it, so that’s all I can ask for. I’m glad the poem got out there to a wide audience.

  2. David J. Bauman says:

    I am listening right now on the radio in my kitchen to you being interviewed by Erica Funky. Wonderful reading. “Where Poetry Lives,” I think was the title of the last one. I won’t be able to be there Friday, but I’m arranging to try to be at the library in Kingston for the 18th with the two other poets. What a treat. Nice way to start my Sunday, Brian!

    • Brian Fanelli says:

      David, I’m glad you were able to catch the interview, and I’m thrilled to hear you’ll be at the Hoyt on Nov. 18. By the way, there will be an open mic as part of that reading, so feel free to bring a poem or two of your own to share. I’d love to hear your stuff.

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