Why I’m Okay with This Latest “X-Files” Ending



Last week, FOX premiered what may be the finale of the “X-Files,” a one-hour episode entitled “My Struggle IV.” If last week’s episode is indeed the swan song for the show, I’m okay with that. Gillian Anderson  insists that she is done with the show.

The episode, written and directed by Chris Carter, focused on the ongoing alien mythology arc, specifically Scully and Mulder’s attempts to track down their son, William, and prevent an alien virus from wiping out humanity. William, it seems, is the key, hence why Mulder and Scully’s longtime foe the Cigarette Smoking Man (William B. Davis) has been tracking him for years.

I give the episode a B/B-. On the plus side, Mulder has a touching scene with William when he finds him on the run from Syndicate thugs. William showcases his awesome powers, including the ability to make heads explode. However, the episode doesn’t make clear if Skinner (Mitch Pileggi) is dead after getting mauled down by a car. William, meanwhile, re-emerges from the river in the final scene after the Cigarette Smoking Man thought that he killed him. If William is still alive, then what does that mean for the alien virus?

The story concludes when both Scully and Mulder find out he’s not really their son, but instead some lab experiment and an alien/human hybrid creature. Instead, we learn that Scully is pregnant by Mulder, so, at long last they can be together and raise their own child. The Cigarette Smoking Man’s story comes to a conclusion, too, after Mulder pumps his chest with a round of bullets and he falls into a river.


“My Struggle IV” is not as satisfying of a finale as season 9’s two-parter entitled “The Truth,” which featured the return of David Duchovny, who was MIA for the previous two seasons. “The Truth” also featured several “X-files” fan favorites who made one more appearance, and it concluded with Mulder and Scully on the run, but ready to face whatever may come next. That said, “My Struggle IV” does provide a decent ending point. Mulder and Scully can be together.  The Cigarette Smoking Man is dead, though, to be fair, he was torpedoed in “The Truth” and somehow survived. The alien virus is thwarted.

Chris Carter recently said he is unsure as to the fate of the show, but “The X-files” is not going to work without Gillian Anderson. “My Struggle IV” should be its swan song.


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